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About Allied


Allied opened its doors 17+ years ago with the intention of making insurance more affordable and flexible than ever before. In order to do this, we had to assemble a team that was capable of the task. Today, we have built a team that is finally able to meet the demands of major industry players and individuals. Through our insurance underwriters, we are able to create changes and finally sort out the complicated issue of insurance coverage for companies across the country.


Allied is a registered insurance broker under the Indonesia financial services authority (OJK). We are registered under the name PT Dharma Honoris Raksa Paramitha and we hold a No KEP-241/km.6/2003 OJK registration.


We also stand as a member of the association of Indonesia insurance and reinsurance brokers (APPARINDO). It is our affiliation through this network of professionals that allows our team to continuously provide some of the greatest deals in the industry.


Our team each has years of experience in the industry. Our company also has many years of experience providing service coverage to companies worldwide. We can handle the creation of insurance policies that are made to suit any of the industries in Indonesia’s completely unique business marketplace. With our bespoke solutions, we can deliver solutions for your business that are made specifically for your needs. We can advice your business as well as understand your goals and the level of coverage that you will require for success.


Discovering the ideal level of coverage for your business and ensuring your employees are well protected is just what we can deliver. With our staff of talented underwriters, we can create a wide net of coverage for you as well as deliver speedy quotes. With our skilled team you can capture the most competitive insurance prices on custom coverage.