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Allied can assist your business in reaching short term and long term goals for your business coverage needs. 

Corporate Services


Independent Risk Advisor

Either you are a professional or business owner, we can develop insurance solutions for your needs as well. Allied can deliver advice on your policy coverage as well as provide solutions like general insurance, life insurance and more. Even if you have decided to create your own company or work on your own, you can finally get the coverage that you deserve, just as if you were working for a major corporation. Allied consultants can help to deliver solutions which will be ideal for your corporate needs.

Employee Benefits Specialist

We have advisors on standby that can analyze the needs of your company and the coverage levels that would be optimal for your needs. We can analyze your current insurance coverage, define future company objectives for coverage as well as design a blue print for the level of care that you may require for the future. Our advisors can also help you by working as a third party administrator to identify the best insurance solutions and coverage options for the future of your business.

Your Personal Insurance Broker

We can deliver assistance as your personal insurance broker. You can get the full benefits of your insurance policy as well as build new policies as required. We want to help your company create ideal solutions and to build insurance coverage that is perfect for your needs. The team at allied will work as your insurance underwriter and solutions provider. We can arrange coverage, negotiate a solution with various insurers, facilitate a relationship between providers as well as assist with ongoing support and monitoring through your insurance coverage.



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