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We are a bespoke insurance provider delivering solutions for your insurance needs. 17 Years of TRUST.

Allied insurance is a bespoke insurance provider that can deliver custom insurance and employee benefits in Indonesia.


Our company began in the year 2002 and since our humble beginnings, we have worked hard to become one of the most trusted and most rapidly expanding insurance broker in the country. Our team offers solutions that can be custom tailored to your needs. With plans that especially formulated for your company which have access to preferred insurance options that are made to suit the needs of your business.

Our services provide a different perspective on finding insurance, through our advanced and unbiased providers, you can finally find valued coverage that doesn’t provide you with insurance products you won’t use. This level of flexibility that has made us one of the most competitive policy providers in the industry. We offer extremely competitive benefits on behalf of our clients. Because of our bespoke plans, we can offer an insurance package that does not compromise on your needs, while giving you the best option to meet your satisfaction. 


We are an independent team of underwriters with no affiliation to any insurance companies. As a result of our non-affiliation, we are able to offer more flexible and competitive packages that better suit the needs of our clients.


We can offer a number of top services to our clients and as a corporate solution :


  • Group Medical Coverage

  • Self Insurance Medical

  • Director & Officers Liability Protection

  • Life and Personal Accident Insurance

  • Retirement Plans

  • General Insurance

  • And more See more >>


Allied is proud to offer our services to the following Corporations and more :


  • Indosat Tbk

  • Perum Pegadaian

  • Protelindo

  • MRA Group (Harley Davidson etc)

  • Gapura Angkasa

  • And others See more >>

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